Andy Seed

Andy Seed website

Andy wanted a bright, clear, modern but friendly website with loads of character to showcase his books and attract requests for author visits. Andy writes humorous books and poems for adults and children, most of which are beautifully illustrated. The main challenge was to come up with a way of categorising and presenting Andy’s work so that different audiences – adults, children, teachers looking for resources – could easily find the relevant books. In particular, we wanted to avoid the fiction/non-fiction split. Andy also wanted to be able to add news items and to have his existing Blogger blog imported into the new site.

The resulting website uses the  illustrations and covers of Andy’s books to create a colourful display of content that invites exploration, together with a clear and simple set of navigation links. We also worked hard to ensure that updating the quite complex content is as easy as possible for Andy so that he can maintain his own website with confidence.

I can’t wait to show the site to people – I am thrilled with it and think you’ve done an excellent job (I’m sure I’ll be recommending you to other authors).

-Andy Seed