Katherine Langrish

Katherine Langrish website

Author Katherine Langrish is one of my first clients, long before Mônality came into being. I was delighted when she asked me to build her a brand new mobile-friendly website to showcase her work. Katherine wanted a website that would still make it easy for her younger fans to find out about her fiction, but that would also showcase her non-fiction work, such as her brand new book ‘Seven Miles of Steel Thistles’. We went for a grown-up colour palette and clear layout, allowing the wonderful book covers to shine. I worked hard on the admin side of the website to make it easy for Katherine to maintain her own content, whether adding news items or reviews or even adding a new book.

Janet has the uncanny knack of creating exactly the right look and feel for the website, before I even know it myself. This is the second time we've worked together, and on each occasion I've enjoyed the process and been delighted with the results.

-Katherine Langrish