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LeisureHome Solutions mobile friendly website

Dafydd Williams runs a successful business improving holiday homes with decks, double glazing etc and doing repairs. Dafydd wanted a friendly but professional website that communicated his skill and experience and which marketed the services he offers in an aspirational manner. The resulting website is mobile friendly, uses warm, non corporate colours, and communicates the advantages delivered by the services he offers rather than just being a dry summary. We designed and built the website, wrote the content, developed the SEO and built an accompanying FaceBook page to complement the site.

I'm really happy with my new website, I think it does a great job of explaining what I can do for my clients, and I had the first enquiry less than a week after the website launch.

-Dafydd Williams

Liz Kessler

Mobile friendly website for author Liz Kessler

Author Liz Kessler is well known for her books for younger children, in particular the tremendously successful Emily Windnsap series, and she had a much-loved website with lots of interaction targeted at her 8-13 readers. When she branched out in to writing for Young Adults, Liz wanted a new, mobile-friendly website that would still appeal to her young Emily fans but which would also reach her new teen readership. We worked really closely with Liz to build her a website that was still fun and bubbly, but which made it really easy for everybody to find information. We used Liz’s own photographs to make sure the site had plenty of personality, and Liz was delighted with the result. Liz had lots of positive comments on the new design when it launched, and as a bonus it is now really easy for journalists to find the relevant background information that they need when they are writing about her.

I LOVE IT!!!!!!! I love it SO much! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much!!!! I love both of you for working so beautifully with me.You did everything you could to indulge my every whim, and did so with patience, tolerance and skill. I’m very grateful for that, and I don’t think many people would have managed it in the style that you did.

-Liz Kessler

Patricia Elliott

Mobile friendly website for Patricia Elliott

Patricia Elliott has been a client for some time, we designed the current mobile-friendly website for her in 2014, replacing the much older site we had built for her several years previously. We recently we needed to add Patricia’s latest book to the site – Patricia prefers us to manage her content for her – and took the opportunity to do a few tweaks to the layout to give it more impact.

Thanks so much, Janet! I think it looks really terrific, slick and attractive!

-Patricia Elliott


Mobiel friendly website for b-active-rhosocolyn

Andy Short has been a client of ours for a long time, we built the first site for his Anglesey outdoor activities business back in 2011. In 2014 we completely rebuilt the site, making it mobile friendly, and improved Andy’s ability to publicise new courses and accept bookings online. We also linked in to his newsletter, which is managed on MailChimp. The site has worked well for Andy, raising the profile of the business and making it easy for clients to manage their bookings.

Site looks great!! thanks for all your hard work

-Andy Short