Treddolphin Guesthouse

Website for Treddolphin Guesthoue Cemaes Anglesey

It is always an enormous pleasure to work with local people, and this project really couldn’t be more local, as the Treddolphin Guesthouse is literally round the corner from where I live and work. The new owners of the guesthouse, Celine and Ady, have worked amazingly hard to totally refurbish this important local landmark ready to re-open it for business this summer. I worked with them to design and build a dual language (French and English) website that reflected the simple elegance of the interiors they have created.

The website is a simple one-page site with secure online booking, image galleries for the rooms and guesthouse, and helpful location maps. The actual design came together very quickly, the challenges were more ensuring that every aspect of this deceptively simple site was fully translated, all the time working with clients who, until recently, were still living and working in Singapore. 

The result is a mobile-friendly site that allows guests to book securely online without leaving the page, and allows Celine and Ady to manage their bookings and payments quickly, easily and securely.

Creation of a website is a daunting and challenging task. But with the professional assistance of Janet from Monality, the process allowed us to work together in a relaxed manner. The result is a robust platform that is easy to navigate and yet is still a professional website that any business would be proud to own.

Monality dealt with all questions in a very dynamic manner providing answers and/or guidance to each question within 24hours.

-Celine Dhalluin