Jane Harris

Website for author Jane Harris

Acclaimed author Jane Harris needed a new, mobile-friendly website to help her promote her new book, ‘Sugar Money’. The resulting site uses a stylish but neutral palette to set off the covers of all her books, and allows Jane to share news and events. New news items are automatically also publicised on her social media accounts and appear on the relevant book page when appropriate, and events added to Jane’s Facebook page are automatically added to her website events calendar.

Each book page provides clear information about the plot, provides a selection of links for buying the book, and also allows Jane to add background information, answer frequently asked questions, provide a book extract and show a selection of reviews.

Thanks so much. I'm delighted with the website.

-Jane Harris

Tom Koster

Website for sculptor Tom Koster

This was a really lovely project, as I got to work with an old school friend to build a website to showcase her son Tom’s wonderful sculpture. Tom is a very talented artist, already selling pieces through gallery exhibitions, and he needed an online presence to provide prospective customers and gallery owners with information about him and his work. The simple colour scheme helps set off the subtle patina in a lot of Tom’s pieces, and puts his sculpture centre stage.

Tom's website looks fabulous, just what you need as an artist. Dealing with Janet was so easy, and the most straightforward contract I have ever seen.

-Michelle Koster

Tyn Llain B&B

Tyn Llain B&B website

It was a real pleasure to work with Nicky and Russ to create a bright and attractive website for their new Bed and Breakfast on Anglesey. We love working with local businesses, and we designed a site that showcases their lovely rooms, provides loads of useful extra information about local attractions, and most importantly makes booking quick, easy and secure. Clients don’t get passed on to a payment gateway or a booking management site, everything happens right on the same page, giving a smooth and seamless experience. The simple booking form works equally easily on a large screen or a mobile phone, and the admin system makes it easy for Nicky and Russ to manage their bookings. 

Collaborating with Janet on our website was a positive experience. Janet was extremely patient and empowered me to take control so that I could manage the site once completed. That said, her support has continued since Go Live and she continues to respond promptly and proactively to any issues we have had since the site’s launch.

Tyn Llain B&B’s website is exactly what we had in mind, thanks to Janet’s skill and creativity. She listened to our ideas and turned them into an impressive website which does exactly what we need it to do.

Thanks Janet.

-Nicky & Russ Arnold

Sue Proof

Sue Proof website

Susan Walton wanted a new mobile-friendly website to showcase her services in proofreading, copy-editing, re-writing and writing. In common with many businesses in Wales, the site had to be completely dual language, English and Welsh. That meant everything – every button, piece of linking text, menu item – had to be in both English and Welsh with a simple language switcher to change languages. Fortunately, WordPress makes this relatively straightforward, and the result is a clear and easy to use website that functions beautifully in both languages.

Sue Proof has found the path of creating a new website for her business smoothed and shaded by Janet Cross' readiness to solve problems and her endless patience and her flexibility. Janet was open to suggestions and explained everything, and she stopped me panicking.

-Susan Walton

Amanda Craig

Amanda Craig website

The brief from Amanda was to create a mobile friendly website to showcase her books and act as a resource for journalists who are writing about her. She wanted it to be clean, crisp and modern and be easy for her to update herself. We settled on a neutral palette to complement the wide range of styles of book-cover, personalised with a textured header inspired by one of her favourite Italian frescoes. 

Delighted with my website, many Tweets etc...thanks so much.


Andy Seed

Andy Seed website

Andy wanted a bright, clear, modern but friendly website with loads of character to showcase his books and attract requests for author visits. Andy writes humorous books and poems for adults and children, most of which are beautifully illustrated. The main challenge was to come up with a way of categorising and presenting Andy’s work so that different audiences – adults, children, teachers looking for resources – could easily find the relevant books. In particular, we wanted to avoid the fiction/non-fiction split. Andy also wanted to be able to add news items and to have his existing Blogger blog imported into the new site.

The resulting website uses the  illustrations and covers of Andy’s books to create a colourful display of content that invites exploration, together with a clear and simple set of navigation links. We also worked hard to ensure that updating the quite complex content is as easy as possible for Andy so that he can maintain his own website with confidence.

I can’t wait to show the site to people – I am thrilled with it and think you’ve done an excellent job (I’m sure I’ll be recommending you to other authors).

-Andy Seed

Katherine Langrish

Katherine Langrish website

Author Katherine Langrish is one of my first clients, long before Mônality came into being. I was delighted when she asked me to build her a brand new mobile-friendly website to showcase her work. Katherine wanted a website that would still make it easy for her younger fans to find out about her fiction, but that would also showcase her non-fiction work, such as her brand new book ‘Seven Miles of Steel Thistles’. We went for a grown-up colour palette and clear layout, allowing the wonderful book covers to shine. I worked hard on the admin side of the website to make it easy for Katherine to maintain her own content, whether adding news items or reviews or even adding a new book.

Janet has the uncanny knack of creating exactly the right look and feel for the website, before I even know it myself. This is the second time we've worked together, and on each occasion I've enjoyed the process and been delighted with the results.

-Katherine Langrish

Outdoor Alternative

Outdoor Alternative website design

The brief was to design and build a new website for Outdoor Alternative, an eco award-winning Group Accommodation business in Rhoscolyn, Anglesey. The clients wanted a clean, modern design that used lots of photographs to communicate the beauty of the location and the practicality and attractiveness of the amenities. This was a very collaborative project from the start, with the clients working out what information they wanted to have on the site and how it should be organised, and even having some strong ideas about the design.

Our role was to bring these ideas to life in a way that would work well whatever size screen was being used to view the site. It was particularly important that the site work well on mobile devices, since lots of the people likely to access it will be on holiday, and will therefore using smartphones rather than desktop computers. 

It was also very important that the clients be able to add, edit and remove content themselves,  so as much work was done on the admin side of the site to make this as straightforward as possible as on the design itself.

Really pleased with the website, thank you for your patience working with a 'non-techno'. You managed to make me feel part of the process and feel able to manage the day to day running of the website.

-Jacqui Short